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News, articles, videos and a lot more content to keep you updated with the global progress of sustainable lifestyle movements

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How to get started on your low waste journey by learning the basics.

Circular economy and how to find zero-waste solutions to all situations.

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Social challenges

Resources to help you tackle the social difficulties that come with making responsible choices. Forums and groups where you can find like-minded individuals on a similar journey.

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Awareness is not the same as Action

This website will hopefully bring a sense of understanding in what eco-conscious living is like in the modern world. Our mission will be to throw some light on the large spectrum of options we have that we can chose from in order to lower the wasteful impact we create on the environment.

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MY journey and experience

Constantly pushing the boundary around sustainable lifestyle habits leads to some much-needed insights on each subject.

seminars BY ULLISU

Ullisu conducts a professional session for corporate spaces or an informal meet and greet. The attendees will be left with a new perspective on problem-solving techniques with sustainability at its core value.
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These seminars focus on a personal journey to a conscious lifestyle, low-carbon living, zero waste home & vegan choices. This is for individuals curious to find out more. We open the discussion for Q n A sessions and clear any doubts you may have about sustainable lifestyle practices and the community.  
fair trunk event
Conscious lifestyle Meet & Greet organized by Fair Trunk.
Conscious lifestyle Meet & Greet organized by Fair Trunk.


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