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Ullisu offers training sessions on Sustainable Living for individuals, companies and communities. The content varies as per the needs of the audience that need to be addressed. Our objective is to help everyone shift to a circular economy in their professional work spaces and personal life.

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  1. Mention approximate audience strength.
  2. What is the audience's awareness level on the topic of climate change or sustainability?
  3. Is it for a short seminar/talk or a casual meet n greet? Approximate duration
  4. Is there a specific area you wish to discuss? Sustainability can have a wide-range of topics

Looking forward to sharing my experience and helping your transition into a future we can live in.

Please note: These sessions may carry a fee which depends on a) services offered and b) the audience to be addressed. Kindly get in touch with us to get further details on the skill-based training content, fee structure, dates, travel (in case of different cities).

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